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Reading Girl

We write your story.

The need to connect, to reach out, to have people understand us is perhaps among the most universal needs. That, and the need to make sense of our rapidly changing world—to find symmetry and a meaning in all that we see and experience around us. We look forward to telling your stories in ways that will preserve memories and carry on legacies.



How many times have you idly thought of penning your memoirs or putting down your experiences on paper? As a professional or a business person how many times have you thought of distilling your experiences and insights into a book or article? And then put the thought aside because you did not have time or the task seemed too daunting and you did not know where to begin? Each one of us has several stories to tell, experiences to relate, the learning of a lifetime to pass on.
We understand that. We will help you organize your thoughts and material, do the background research where necessary and write your story. We know how to listen, understand and write it down in a manner that will appeal to your target audience.


Often, you may just want to write about an interesting encounter, profile interesting people you meet, or write for your family or neighbourhood newsletter. At other times, you may want to write to maintain a sort of family or community continuity for the younger family members. Or you may want to do so even for those who are not living in the same city or country.
We will communicate the basic skills needed to do this, either in a group workshop or a single group session. Just ask us and we will help you.

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